Sharon McAllister: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation in our recent Wellness Fair....

As this was the first event of this kind I have undertaken at Sodexo, I wanted to ensure that we brought in Health Care providers who would be able to connect with our employees and provide them with useful and relevant information.  I was so pleased to see the number of employees who were interested in the chiropractic evaluation you offered, and who spent time speaking with you about the types of services you provide to your patients.

Your personable and easygoing manner was a great fit for this event, and I felt that the employees who took the time to stop at your booth were really engaged and interested!  The opportunity to speak with a Health and Wellness professional such as yourself was a valuable resource for our employees, and I very much appreciated the time you and your staff took to participate in this event.

I look forward to setting up our next event – an orthotics clinic – with you in the very near future!


Sharon McAllister,

Disability and Wellness Advisor

Sodexo Canada

January, 2011

Judy G: I wanted to tell you how your office has helped me throughout the years. Tom, you are a godsend, and I......

I wanted to tell you how your office has helped me throughout the years. Tom, you are a godsend, and I couldn’t heal without your chiropractic or acupuncture care.  I have had a few injuries over the years, and I’ve always put my faith in your hands to make me better.  I still shiver of the thought of the first day I came into your office when I was suffering from whiplash; you know how much pain I was in, and without your chiropractic care and your office’s massage therapy care I would not have recovered as quickly as I did.

Most recently as you know, I have been suffering from tendonitis in my right elbow.  I was very hesitant to try acupuncture again as my experiences with a previous therapist stirred me in the wrong direction.  Danielle your massage therapist, who I think is wonderful (even though she hurts me), talked me into trying acupuncture again, but with you this time.  I have to tell you and your patients that by the second session I was feeling such relief from the pain in my elbow, I honestly couldn’t believe what a difference it made.  You must understand that I am not that fond of needles and I recall from the very first time that you put them in, I was sweating buckets and couldn’t wait until you took them out.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, as it was sore after the session, but after a couple of hours, the pain seemed to have lessened quite a bit in my elbow.  That was it, I talked myself into continuing the sessions, and haven’t looked back.  I am now on my eight session and finally feeling that I am on my way to a full recovery.  I thank you for that.

Judy G

Dawn C. : I am writing this at my own prompting and of my own volition. I have had had such relief from...

I am writing this at my own prompting and of my own volition.  I have had had such relief from chronic back pain and I want everyone else to experience this same relief.

I had suffered from lower back pain and immobility for 10 years.  It was so bad at times that I could not walk with a straight back – I had to lean forward and/or use a cane. I could not lift anything. I was in my 20’s!  The pain and resulting muscle inflammation would last for days and sometimes weeks. One wrong move and it would flare up. When it flared up, I had to take a lot of medication to be able to manage my job and my life.

I tried physiotherapy and osteopathy, I put a lot of time and money in to both of these!  But they didn’t work at all.  I had avoided chiropractic, due to fear. I imagined it would be like having a broken bone reset. If only I had known better, I could have spared myself so many years of suffering and arranging my life around my back problems.

My good friend told me about the relief she was getting from chiropractic care and assured me that it was non-invasive and not painful.

I am lucky that I found Dr. Lopac, as he is a fantastic and caring practitioner who knows so much about total health and wellness.

Dr. Lopac made many accommodations in order to deal with my fear and trepidation before my first adjustment. I could not have proceeded with my first treatment if he hadn’t. He was very understanding and patient with me.

I had relief after the first adjustment.   Now, my back is no longer an issue!!!!!!   Neck pain and immobility are gone. My quality of life has improved 100%.

My husband has also had lower back problems relieved.  Dr. Lopac was even able to help my husband with chronic knee pain, by adjusting the knee, explaining why he was having knee pain and recommending a particular brace.

We are both very satisfied with Dr. Lopac’s treatment, care and wealth of knowledge.

Dawn C

April, 2005


We moved to Barrie in 2009. Since living here, I have learned that not all chiropractors are created equal!   I have tried three chiropractors in this area, and none of them match the expertise, professionalism and genuine concern for my well-being that Dr. Lopac offers. I have and will continue to make special trips to Burlington in order to be adjusted by Dr. Tom!

Doug G.: I met Dr. Lopac for the first time at one of Burlington's Festivals at Spencer Smith Park many years...

I met Dr. Lopac for the first time at one of Burlington’s Festivals at Spencer Smith Park many years ago.  I saw the massage tables, and gave it a try.  I never had one before, and it was wonderful.  From there they said they were giving free assessments to see how my posture and body balance was… I thought I was fine.  Dr. Tom Lopac proved me wrong and showed me that I really did need to have an office visit and get adjusted.

I had noticed that my right hand seems a little weak, and at the first visit with an adjustment, improvement was noticed immediately.  My hand strength had come back to almost normal in a couple of minutes!!!  Since then, I have had regular adjustments and massages and I couldn’t feel better.  I now try to make sure that I get a full body massage at least once each month as part of keeping my body relaxed and prevent knotting up of my muscles.

I highly recommend Dr. Lopac and his wonderful office staff and therapists who work together to make anyone’s experience pleasant, informative, and leaves you feeling GREAT !!!

Doug G
May 2010

Sybil V.: Thank you so much for introducing me to Acupuncture!!!! I have not felt so well in a very long time. I actually SLEEP again!! I had...

Dear Dr. Lopac,

Thank you so much for introducing me to Acupuncture!!!! I have not felt so well in a very long time. I actually SLEEP again!! I had resigned myself to being an insomniac, and yet after just one treatment I had no trouble falling asleep, and actually slept through the night. I will never forget that first Acupuncture treatment.

Due to the nature of my work, I often suffer severe back pain, I came to your office in great distress, you encouraged me to try Acupuncture, which I did, it was unexpectedly easy and painless, after the treatment, I really felt no better at all, But by the time I had dressed and returned to reception. Perhaps a mere five minutes? A great change was taking place. It actually felt as though great knots in a rope were slipping loose, and as they slipped loose, the pain in my back began to disappear!! I returned home almost totally pain free!!!

With each treatment I feel an overall improvement in so many things, an increase of energy, no more indigestion, less pain in my hands and knees. My friends have even told me that I look younger!!!

Thank you Dr. Lopac, I can assure you that I will be continuing to have Acupuncture treatments with you.

Sybil V.

Mike T.: I have been dealing with scoliosis for twenty years. Whenever I sit or stand in the same position for too long...

I have been dealing with scoliosis for twenty years. Whenever I sit or stand in the same position for too long, or exert myself physically for too long, I would always feel pain. I have always thought this was because of lack of muscle tone. Although muscle conditioning and therapeutic massage helped, the pain would always be there, albeit to a lesser extent.

Dr. Lopac explained my condition may be further treated through chiropractic care. His consultation has been clear and tailored specifically to my condition. We discussed a treatment plan, he answered all of my questions and got started right away. After several weeks of chiropractic care, combined with exercise and massage therapy with a certified massage therapist at the office, I have noticed results. I have greater flexibility in my neck and back pain has virtually disappeared, even if I am on my feet the whole day.

It would be fair to say my chiropractic treatment at Dr. Lopac’s office exceeded my expectations regarding treatment of my condition. I would greatly recommend anyone having back pain to consider chiropractic care with Dr. Lopac. Mike T. Burlington, ON

Kindest Regards,
Mike T

Ivan C.: As someone who has been sitting and working behind computers his entire career, I have been prone to..

As someone who has been sitting and working behind computers his entire career, I have been prone to a few back spasms over the years.  During this entire time I never chose to visit a chiropractor.  I was somewhat skeptical and was always told, “Don’t ever let them manipulate your neck!”

Thankfully, I met Dr. Lopac who put me at ease with his friendly personality and knowledgeable insight.  He truly is a professional in the truest sense of the word and, as a result of his treatments, I am happy to say that I have yet to experience any back spasms since starting treatments with him last year.  I feel great and for someone who is approaching 35 years of age, I might add that Dr. Lopac’s treatments make me feel like I am 20 again.

Thank you Dr. Lopac for improving my health and for reminding me about the importance of a good back.  For this you deserve my wholehearted endorsement!

Ivan C